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Scott Pickett

Scott Pickett has built a dedicated following throughout his career, solidifying his position as one of Australia’s most exciting and innovative chefs with three venues: Estelle Bistro, ESP by Scott Pickett and Saint Crispin.

At the top of his game, he balances a number of esteemed roles including that of television presenter, restaurateur and author, not to mention husband and father of three.

Treasured for his renowned tales, quick wit and warm personality Scott co-hosted the Channel 9 series, The Hotplate, alongside esteemed international food critic Tom Parker Bowles. His natural magnetism has also led him to have regular guest appearances on both radio and television including The Block, MasterChef, Postcards and AM and FM radio.

At a corporate level, Pickett receives excellent reviews for all that he does in the corporate arena. He hosts, designs menus and creates bespoke events for organisations such as the Australian Open Festival, Etihad Stadium Medallion Club, ANZ and Macquarie Bank.

Growing up on a farm in Kangarilla, Pickett showed talent from an early age and soon began working as an apprentice chef in various South Australian restaurants. His passion for good produce and his years working in top international restaurants further honed his skills to become the successful chef and restaurateur he is today.

“There is no more colourful a cook or character than Scott. This is a man who knows only the fast lane, who cooks like a demon, has the gift of the gab and after many meandering miles has so clearly found his place in life”

Phil Howard (Two Michelin Star restaurant – The Square, London)

At age of 18, Pickett entered the Salon Culinaire and was dubbed as ‘one to watch’ by Judge Bruno Cerdan. This helped Pickett secure a position at restaurant Paul Bocuse with his mentor, Philippe Mouchel.

Since then, Pickett has worked in a range of top local and international kitchens such as Three Michelin Star London restaurant, The Square and Melbourne’s Three Hat Ondine.

In 2005, Pickett represented his country at the most prestigious cooking competition in the world, the Bocuse D’or, achieving Australia’s best ever result at the time and 14th globally.

In 2011, after an extremely successful tenure as Executive Chef at The Point, Pickett decided to realise his dream and opened his first restaurant venture, Estelle in Northcote. The Estelle received immediate commendations, achieving One Chef’s Hat in that year, as well as a nomination for ‘Best New Restaurant’.

In 2014, Pickett launched a second venture, Saint Crispin at 300 Smith Street, Collingwood, in partnership with chef restaurateur Joe Grbac. Pickett was also nominated for Chef of the Year in 2014. In its opening year it was awarded One Hat and ‘Best New Restaurant’, and Two Chef’s Hats in 2015 and 2016.

In November 2014, Pickett released his first book, Scott Pickett: A Cooks Story, which is part autobiography and part cookbook, an inspiring tale of his highs and lows in some of the most impressive, yet demanding kitchens in the world.

2015 was a busy year for Pickett launching two new restaurants; the cosy yet casual Estelle Bistro which attracts locals and destination diners alike; and the degustation style, ESP – Estelle by Scott Pickett, the realisation of a life-long dream, with Pickett having designed the entire kitchen and space from scratch. Living up to the dream, ESP received Two Chef’s Hats in 2016.

The growth continues with the opening of Pickett’s Deli and Rotisserie at the Queen Victoria Market in 2016 and plans for an additional venue in South Yarra to be opening in 2017.

He further extends his support to many different charities including Redkite’s ‘Eat Street’ which is an annual event bringing together Melbourne’s best Chefs to raise money for children’s charities and the Stroke Foundation to which he has a particularly personal connection with such having touched his own family.

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