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Natasha Exelby

Natasha Exelby, a senior news reporter and presenter has covered local and international news including major stories in the United States and Middle East. She recently completed a 12-month role in Istanbul, Turkey as a presenter and correspondent for TRTWorld, a global 24 hour news channel.

During this time, Natasha was live on air in November 2016 when the Paris attacks happened and solo anchored for 7 hours, she went to Brussels for the terror attacks there and covered it extensively in terms of the ISIL terror cells building in Europe, went to Syria to cover the war – Aleppo, anchored the live coverage of Istanbul International airport bombing as well as witnessing and reporting on multiple terror attacks in both Ankara and Istanbul, she anchored on TRT’s outside broadcast while on the field for Nice truck rampage on Bastille Day, was also live on air crossing to TRT when the Turkish coup erupted and the military evacuated their Istanbul office and news station.

Natasha also spent a lot of time in Greece at refugee camps, she didn’t speculate from afar, she got down in the mud, in the tents with the refugees and did that for a period of time, not just a fly by to tick a box. She also spent a lot of time on the Turkish/Syrian border, when rockets were being fired across the border – an area of land that ISIL currently occupies. Tash was in Greece at the epicentre of the biggest UN deal since WWII where refugees are being sent back on boats to Europe and was on a boat herself.

She’s covered many other things as an anchor like the Iran nuclear deal, gained exclusive access to various UN Meetings and G8 Conferences giving her insight and experience with international politics and issues. Tash has extensively interviewed high profile politicians, humanitarian groups and diplomats about Syria.

As a news presenter, Natasha’s strong interest in politics lead to her spending 3 years in Canberra for Channel Ten as a political reporter in the earlier part of her career. The role encompassed some of the most significant moments in Australian political history including the Kevin Rudd coup and the 2010 election. During that role Natasha worked in the United States and became a member of the CNN World Fellowship of International Journalism. In 2011 she reported from Afghanistan and covered her biggest story yet, and one of the biggest stories in recent history, the assassination of Osama Bin Laden. She continues to have an interest in reporting on the robust political debate both in Australia and abroad.

Natasha has frequently hosted the 5pm Weekend National News Bulletins and Late News. She was a reporter for The Project team and covered a wide range of issues for the show. You will also have seen Natasha show her less serious side as a guest on Can of Worms.

In 2013 Natasha had a brief stint as co-host on the Channel 10’s new morning program Wake Up, however, the assignment was short lived. Natasha perfectly summed up her time with Wake Up on Twitter saying “Thank U 2 everyone 4 ur kind words. I’ve enjoyed a long & lustrous career in breakfast TV. How time flies! It seems like only 16 days ago :)”

Natasha’s greatest passions are family, politics, history and rugby league. She grew up on a large family property in country Queensland, where her career began in regional television. Natasha covered her first major story in Bundaberg, exposing Dr Jayant Patel and the political fallout which proceeded.

Natasha also has charitable interests, where during her time in Istanbul, she volunteered at a school for Syrian orphans whose parents have been killed by war. At every opportunity Tash also tries to create more awareness and understanding both for Mental Illness and Skin Cancer.

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