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Ben Milbourne

Ben Milbourne has always had a passion for cooking, from entertaining his family and friends, to teaching Australia to cook through his TV shows and books. After appearing as a contestant on Masterchef 2012, Ben went on to begin a successful media career with his TV Show ‘Ben’s Menu’ airing on Channel Ten for its first season in 2014 and being shortlisted for a Logie in 2015.

Cooking wasn’t where Ben headed initially with his career; “I used to use food to teach chemistry, there are just over 100 elements on the periodic table, that is your pantry, and with that we have built the world around us.” Appearing on Masterchef was a turning point for Ben and his passion for food. The experience allowed him to refine his skills, immerse himself in food and be taught by some of the most experienced chefs in the world. Since the show, opportunities to continue working with food have been widespread with Ben going on to have a successful media career as a writer, columnist, presenter, host, judge and travelling around the country to explore and entertain at events.

After co-writing his first cookbook in 2012, Ben released his second book and first solo write ‘Mexican Craving’ in November 2013. The book went on to be honoured as one of the Top 10 Best Mexican Cookbooks by highly regarded UK site His third book, based on Tasmanian producers, was released in September 2014. Ben has also travelled to Mexico, Spain and Portugal with Masterchef mate Andy Allen, filming their food exploits for Andy’s YouTube channel and gathering footage for future TV projects.

Ben’s personality and down to earth approach has made him popular with people of all ages. His philosophy is unassuming; “My food style is simple; take ingredients and recipes that will bring people together, combine them in a way that is interesting but achievable. You have to fall in love with the process. The process of discovering the ingredients, developing the idea, creating the dish, sharing the flavour and discussing the outcome; this is what food is all about”.

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