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Profile Creative is headlined by Daniel Scharf who brings over 30 years experience to the company as one of Australia’s most acclaimed and respected producers. He has produced feature films, documentaries and children’s television making him the perfect candidate to represent Profile Creative professionals and packages projects for external producers.

Daniel has worked closely with renowned international and Australian writers, directors and actors. His accredited experience includes feature films “Romper Stomper” starring Russell Crowe and Jacqueline McKenzie; “Metal Skin” starring Aden Young, Ben Mendelsohn and Nadine Garner; “The Prisoner of St Petersburg” starring Noah Taylor; “Isabelle Eberhardt” starring Mathilda May, Tcheky Karyo and Peter O’Toole; and “Tom White” starring Colin Friels.

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Profile Creative Managing Director

Daniel Scharf

phone +61 3 8598 7810
mobile +61 419509405

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Adam Ward

Adele Wilson

Aimee Sanderson

Alex Cooper

Alex Thomson

Alexia Brinsley

Amanda McKay

Amber Coupe

Amy Raffe

Andi Snelling

Andy Berry-Browne

Angus McColl

Anthony Sottile

Arishia Bordbar

Barnaby Pollock

Belinda Kirwan

Blake Condon

Bruce Hughes

Bryony Hindley

Calista Fooks

Candice Alley

Casey Brimble

Charlie Ranger

Chloe Hayden

Chris Hill

Christian Heath

Christopher Vernon

Claire Gazzo

Corey Page

Cory Corbett

Daisy Masterman

Dan Haberfield

Danni Gilsenan

Deanna Ortuso

Emily Mercurio

Emma Brook

Emma Burnside

Emma Cox

Farah Sobey

Felix Castaner

Frances McCarthy

Frank Kerr

Freddie Young

Genevieve Brock

Glenn Maynard

Hana V. Corbett

Harriet Davies

Hayley Worsley

Hollie Kirby

Indigo Keane

Isabella Northrop

Isabella Patane

Jack Hayes

Jack Kenny

Jana Wilkes

Jason Buckley

Jason Simmons

Jillian Geurts

Joanne Dobbin

Jono Burns

Julia Foenander

Juliette Salom

Justin Groves

Kamryn Morrison

Kate Foster

Katie Castles

Khye Skoda

Kia Luby

Koraly Dimitriadis

Kurtis Lowden

Lachlan Cassidy

Lily Fish

Lisa Aldenhoven

Lisa Fineberg

Lisa Harper Campbell

Lucia Smyrk

Lucinda Cowden

Lulu McClatchy

Madeleine Savage

Madeleine Vizard

Madison Lee

Maggie Chretien

Mandie Combe

Mardi Edge

Mark Kenfield

Markella Kavenagh

Marty Fields

Mereoni Vuki

Michael Argus

Michael Carman

Nadia Peri

Naomi Lisner

Natalia Rozpara

Nathan Hill

Nella Marina

Nicholas Politis

Nicholas Rhodes

Nina Sinclair

Paul Mercurio

Paula Gardner

Perri Cummings

Phoebe Roberts

Phoebe Wilson-Lee

Richard Askin

Richard Gyoerffy

Riley Nottingham

Rob Lobosco

Robbie Curtis

Romina Verdiglione

Rose Flanagan

Salvatore Coco

Sarah Reuben

Shanon Kulupach

Simone Smith

Siohban Connors

Skye Beker

Sonja Bishopp

Sophie Hart

Soren Jensen

Stephanie van Rekum Ayres

Stevie Nicholson

Stevo Petkovic

Susan Paterno

Suzy Cato-Gashler

Tim Wingfield

Tom Oliver

Tracey O’Brien

Trudy Ager

Valentin Lang

Verity East

Victoria Nicolls

Virginia Bowers

Will Couch